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Website creation & graphic design in savoie

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The web is our favourite place to play. We build custom-made sites, with a clear, well thought-out web design. HWC’s sites are lively & intelligent! Check this out...

Création site internet agence de communication Chambéry

Digital by nature

More than just a showcase, a website is a real sales and marketing tool. For it to work efficiently, the only secret is a logical code. Our method: to define a strategy and ergonomics (that correspond to your objectives)

{using a design that is graphically and technically custom made + ensuring optimum referencing = increased visibility on the search engines}.

Responsive webdesign

Habits are changing and smartphones and tablets are now commonly used to access the web. With responsive web design, specific sites no longer need to be designed since the interface adapts to each screen type for the easiest reading and navigation.

Gestion de projet

Support is the key factor to a successful collaboration, and we certainly won’t be leaving you hanging. In fact, you can count on the quality of our rope! We are there for you and ready to listen so that we can advise, coordinate actions and meet the deadlines.

Custom-made design

All our designs are custom-made. We discuss your objectives, issues and ambitions with you, so that we can propose a unique and pertinent design in relation to your overall strategy. We consider that a good communication agency knows how to find that slightly different angle that will make all the difference when it comes to highlighting your activity or products and make you stand out from your competitors.

Referencing / SEO

A site is nothing without customer flow. We therefore systematically offer a highly efficient natural referencing system based on a detailed study of your issues and your positioning and on a faultless quality and pertinence of content, to which we add our little magic potion to make all the difference, of course!

Application / web software

We also develop web applications, specific web tools / software for a lot of our customers. Whether you want to display number data visually, manage shared pages or intervene on work platforms, we propose a custom-made, image-enhancing solution that meets your criteria.

Content optimisation

Reading and looking for information on the web is very specific. Whether we are working on your written content or an entire site creation, we put together reading levels that will make it easier to comprehend and appraise the text content. This step is also an essential element in successful referencing / SEO.

100% administrable

Take control! To create a lasting relation with your visitors, bring your site to life with regular updates. You don’t need to have any IT skills! With our solutions, you can update your pages easily and manage your content quite independently.

Open source

Drupal, Magento, WordPress… Open Source CMS’s are flexible tools with controlled costs, with open, non-proprietary code. We use their potential and integrate them according to your project (institutional site, e-commerce, blog, intranet/extranet, etc).

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Graphic identity & print

Plant your flag at the summit. Because shapes have meaning, media are important & typography is not a rude word, we find the graphics that reflect your style and set you apart.


Strength in print

Tribes have their totem, businesses have their graphic identity. To make an impression on your clients and to have a document to give them, we have abandoned woodworking to work with other materials.
With visuals and media that are well thought-out and hard-hitting, we create the image and solutions that best reflect your values and the messages that you want to put across.

Creating a logotype

Creating a logo is the base, the foundation. We help you to find a custom-made signature that reflects your image and works for your client type. It can sometimes be enough to find a new angle, a singular concept, to set you apart, get you recognized and make the difference in relation to your competitors…

Graphic identity

Creating a logo or a graphic charter isn’t a question of round or square, blue or yellow. We think that an intelligent graphic identity corresponds to your sector of activity: it must represent you faithfully and make you unique and recognizable.

Brochure & supports

Sales brochure, promotional flyers or institutional magazines … when it comes to highlighting your products or services, printed documents are still essential for backing your sales pitch. We give them meaning and form.

Stands & events

So that customers and prospective clients don’t pass by without seeing you, we design your events communication media. According to the setting, we create media that people will notice: kakemonos, large boards, etc…


When it comes to printing, we can find the printer offering the best value for money and monitor the printing process directly with him (ordering, file standardization, delivery, etc.). We can also help with suggestions on different types and density of paper and the different effects of varnish or lamination.

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But (above all), don’t forget......

Here we com has more than one string to its bow: intelligent content, innovative technologies and real people to listen to you... and take your ideas (even) further.

3D perspective

Put your products and services into their situation. 2D plans put into 3D perspective gain in realism and provide real added value to your real estate, tourism or business projects.

Content writing

When it comes to your written content, HWC always adapts to your targets and the media you are using. For print or the web, we will find the winning formula and the right words to highlight your messages and improve your site’s referencing.

Interactive cartography

To add relief to your maps and make them more dynamic, we customise the graphics, make maps interactive and add real-time geo-location. More than just an orientation system, they become a new sales tool.


Add movement to your messages. Because communication is also spread through sound and images, opt for a corporate film or motion design. From the scenario to filming, interviews and editing, we manage it all for you.

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